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It destroys my heart.

It destroys my heart.

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I would like to have a nice hair, a nice body, and a pretty face. I would like to be intelligent too, I would feel better.

At the mall, buying new clothes:
  • Me, finishing buying: Okay, you got everything, now you have all the clothes you need.
  • Me, when I get home: Oh, shit, I need clothes.
What if I die in my sleep?

What if I die in my sleep?

The year just ended and I’m feeling as shitty as before.
—big girls don’t even cry
I would like to have an Ezra Fitz in my life. All my teachers are old, fat, and ugly. That’s sad.
I want to listen my heart.
I wish I could get some sleep, and when I wake up, realize that everything would be solved, or was just a nightmare. I wish I could change the way things work, and make everything better. I wish I could be more comprehensive, or pacient, but I’m not. I wish I couldn’t feel that feeling when you look behind and thing “oh fuck, how could I get in this point?”. When your emotional pain starts to ache in your whole body, and you feel sick, lost, and desperate, and you don’t even know where this is all going, this is when you need to inhale and exhale, and start it again.
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